Tax was never so easy before We have made it for you

Tax has been the most complicated subject not only for the Income Tax Filer but to other persons who deal with this subject like students and some time the tax professionals. We at MITAX always put lots of efforts to make it simple and easily understandable to every person who is dealing with it. In the past we have been conducting lots of talk shows on radio to make it friendly with an ordinary person. This tax portal with the brand name of "MITAX" is another step towards our vision of "SIMPLICITY". We have tried to make available few very important documents which are need of a common person like "Last Will & Testament" or "Shareholder Agreement" which is basic need of a small business person. Now the user can have access to these documents in more friendly manner at their convenience and at very affordable cost. We are sure that we will always be committed to the mission of our company "Be EASY & make EASY"

Welcome to Our Company!

Mitax Financial Corporation is a Tax and Accounting firm based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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Some times a situation may demand tax advice from some person who knows this subject and can dedicate himself for others.

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