Tax Filing Services For New Immigrants

We at MITAX fully understand the importance of your time which you will be investing in preparing yourTax Return for the year 2010.
Now we will guide you how you can prepare your tax return.

The whole process consists of 7 steps .

Firstly you will be required to complete the “IDENTIFICATION” part. In this area you will be asked to complete your personal particulars. Please makesure to click “SAVE” button to save the data.

The Second step
will tale you to some basic CRA question which you will be required to answer.

The Third step
will take you to income part. In this part you will entered all the income which you earned in the year 2010. You must have received income slips for the income which you earned in 2010. So just click on the slip which you received during the year i.e. T4,T4E, T4E and just feed the amount against the box number as mentioned in your slip.

Fourth part is for the “DEDUCTIONS” against your Taxable income.Some deductions have been mentioned in this part which you can claim depends on your particular situation. We will be guiding you in details about these deductions at relevant place.

Fifth part is for “NON-REFUNDABLE TAX CREDIT” which can reduce your tax payable to ZERO. We will be guiding you in details about these credits at relevant part.

In the Sixth Step you will be asked to provide the information about “RENT PAID” or “PROPERTY TAX” paid for your residence in the province of ONTARIO. This information will be used to calculate your “REFUNDABLE TAX CREDIT” which will either reduce your overall tax liabilty or increase your Tax Refund for the year.

The Seventh
and the final step will alow you to take print out of your tax return. Here you will be given two option . First is just to take print out of your tax return and sent it to Revenue Canada and second option is to sent this information to the team of Tax expert of MITAX who will prepare, Review,and file your tax return on your behalf and sent you the confirmation from CRA. This mode will alow you to save your time and money which your otherwise spend in going to your accountants office but still you can enjoy the benifits of expert tax advice at very effordable cost.

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